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About The Foundation


The Nokuri Foundation was inspired by John Fomenky, who was born with sickle cell disease.  He fought this ravishing disease and never allowed it to define his life or become a barrier to fulfilling his purpose and dreams.  All who knew him revered his ambitious pursuit for excellence and happiness—in spite of his health.  He was also committed to inspiring others to be the best they could be.

In honor of John's triumphant legacy, The Nokuri Foundation set up a Scholarship Fund to help sickle cell individuals and their families pursue their education.  

In 2015, an annual scholarship fund of $1500 was awarded to a student with sickle cell disease through the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America.  And in 2016, several scholarship funds were awarded to 30 children with sickle cell disease in Cameroon.

At the heart of the Nokuri Foundation's core value is the recognition of the massive need to serve and support our communities both in the United States and at large.  These were values shared by our parents Christopher and Beatrice Nokuri, now passed down to the children in hopes to continue this legacy of philanthropy.   We believe the same set of values are mutually shared within our communities, and therefore are confident that together we can support and make a real difference within our communities.  We encourage you to share in this vision and see how the Lord would have you get involved and support the foundation.

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